People in the Film

Professor Haim Shazker
Born in Vienna 1928.
He was in Kladovo-Shavetz transport together with his mother, uncle and aunt that were murdered in Yugoslavia.
He himself came to Israel with the Aliyat HaHanoar (Youth immigration) on April 1941.
Studied in the Religious Youth Village at Kfar Hassidim, and continued his studies in the Teacher's Seminar and Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
He became a teacher in "Reali" High-School in Haifa, returned to the Hebrew University as a lecturer and again to Haifa University and was a Professor for Education and History.
His main occupation was in teaching about the "Holocaust" to educators and students, and he also wrote many books on the subject. Today as a pensioner he continues to advice on the subject in Israel and around the world, including Germany.
The Shazker family has 2 sons.

Dov Esheth
Born as Hienrich Weinman in Vienna, 1925.
He joined the "Shomer Hatzair" in the footsteps of his elder brother Sigfrid. They both joined the Kladovo-Shavetz transport. His brother should have been one of the adult escorting the Youth immigration but conceded his place to a sick friend.
He was at first in Kibbutz Gan-Shmuel, left and worked in many jobs: teacher, managing engineering works, among them the dike in the Dead Sea.
As pensioner he paints and is a member of the Immigrants from Austria association, and he is active in commemorating the Kladovo-Shavetz tragedy.
Married and a father to 2 children and grandfather to 4 grandchildren.

Dan Carmel
Born as Heinrich Weinroch in Vienna, 1925
He came to Kladovo — Shavetz transport with his sister Leah that was gazed in a Gas Truck. His parents were deported to his father's home town Kshanov in Poland and were sent to Auschwitz.
He himself came with Aliyat HaHanoar, studied in High school at Kibbutz Yagur. He enlisted to the Palmach and was company Medic.
He joined kibbutz Beit- Hashita.
As a senior he went to the university and has BA in Geography and MA in Political Science. Today he volunteers in the local library.
The Carmel couple has 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

Bracha Yaacov
Born as Berta Kliper in Vienna, 1922.
She grew up in traditional home, as the eldest of 4 children. Her sisters and brothers were sent in "Kindertransport" to England. She joined the Blau-Wiess youth movement after the Anschluss, and joined the Kladovo—Shavetz transport. While waiting on the frozen Danube she learnt that her mother passed away. Her father remained in Vienna and was killed in the Holocaust.
Bracha arrived with Aliyat HaHanoar to Israel.
In 1941 she arrived in Kibbutz Kinnerth and has remained a member since then. She participated in all the works in the Kibbutz, mainly in the sewing workshop.
She also serves as lecturer on the Holocaust in Schools.
Bracha has 3 children and 8 Grandchildren .

Tirza Lener
Born as Turda Blumenthal in Vienna, 1923.
She came from a very assimilated home. Her elder brother was supposed to join her in the transport, but Eichman set a condition so that the transport can leave only if 100 young men will go on work-group to Poland. Her brother didn't return and her parents disappeared in the Holocaust.
On the frozen boats she met her future husband Dan Lener, and they became a couple.
She arrived in the first group of Aliyat Hanoar, Dan who was a few years older came as an escort with the last group.
Together they came to Kibbutz Kinnerth, moved to Kibbutz Gaaton and then to Kibbutz Neot-Mordechai.
Dan Lener enlisted immediately to the Palmach, first to the "German Company" and then to the Parachutists. He parachute into Yugoslavia and was with the Tito's Partisans. Then joined the IDF and served with short breaks till 1972. He left the army as a general. During the "Yom-Kippur War", 1973, he was called back and fought in Ramat HaGolan (Golan Heights). He was released finally in 1974. Dan died in 1988.
Tirza studied and worked in childcare, later was a laboratory assistant in a Cider factory. In the last years she works in sewing workshop.
The Lener couple was neighbor and friend of Ehud Avriel.
Tirza has 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.
Tirza notes that she came to Israel without a friend or relative, today she is surrounded by family and friends.

Hanna Piner
Born Hanna Vienner in Breslau- Germany, 1923.
She came from traditional home. From Germany she came and joined the Kladovo-Shavetz transport in Bratislava.
After arriving in Israel she was in Religious Youth Village in Kfar Hassidim and after in Kibbutz Ein-Hanatziv. She studied to be a nurse and worked for 5 years in Shaarei-Zedek Hospital.
She Married a guy from Moshav Beit-Yitzhak and worked with him on their farm.
Hanna guards the songs that were written and sung on the Danube.
Hanna Has 3 Children and 7 grandchildren.

Beni Lin
Born as Beni Lindenstein, in Piera- Nimitz in Rumania, 1920.
He was a member of Shomer Hatzair youth movement and came aboard the Darien in first group. He was a member of the passenger committee.
After the release from Athlit detention camp he joined Kibbutz Shamir and the Hagana. He was responsible for the "sliks" (arm and ammunition hiding place). In served in the IDF in 1950-52 and got a rank of Lieutenant.
He was an active member in the Mapam party.
Lin has 3 children, 8 grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

Hemi Gal
Born as Nehemia Klein in Kariova in Rumania, 1913.
Hemi was the manager of the Halutz training camp in Floresta, there he met his wife Anutza. They married and came aboard the Darien in the first group, where he was in the Passenger committee.
After the release from Athlit detention camp he went to Kibbutz Usha and moved to Nahariya.
Hemi joined the Hagana and fought in the independence war as Captain, responsible for Nahariya area.
Hemi is a gifted artist, drew and painted on the ship and in Athlit camp, drawing about the life on the boat and in the camp. These pictures are now in Atlith Camp Museum.
He built a Monument in memory of Aliya Beth on the shore in Nahariya.
Hemi passed away before we finished the film and didn't see it.

Anutza Gal
Born in Bucharest, 1920.
Met Hemi, her husband, at the training camp and was pregnant when she came aboard the Darien in the first group. Her son, Alon, was the first boy born in Atlit camp.
Anutza has 1 son and 3 grandchildren.

Yohanan Goldman
Born in Logoz in Rumania, 1922. Came aboard the Darien in Contanza with the Second group
After the release from Atlit detention camp he volunteered to the British army in the Jewish Brigade.
In 1945-46 he served in Italy and was in the "Havora" (Aliya Beth activists under Arazi)
He founded a translation firm, "Hever".
The couple Goldman has 2 children and 6 grandchildren.

Mordechai Herling
Born in Yasi in Rumania,1921He came from a religious home and knew Hebrew quite well.
He came aboard the Darien with the second group, on February 1941. He wrote a dairy in Hebrew, from the day he left Home on December 1940 till his release from Atlit camp on September 1942. This dairy was published, "Dairy of a Maapil" with the help of Atlit deportee Museum, and is a very important and emotional document.
After the release from Atlit he became a member of Kibbutz Nir-Am. after that he served as Youth Counselor in "Shfeyah" youth village, then moved to Natanya and was a bookkeeper and manager of Yachin-Hakal.
His wife Rachel, his girl friend from home came to Israel with Aliyat Hanoar at the same time the Darian came.
The couple has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.

Haim Shpar
Born in Galanz in Rumania, 1920.
Childhood friend of Aba Berdichev, together they went to school, youth movement, Halutz camp and came aboard the Darien with the first group.
After the release from Atlit camp he joined a group that was formed to worked in Kibbutz Ashdot Yaacov and Kibbutz Geva. In 1948 he was one of the founders of the communal Moshav Aloni-Aba (Named after Aba Berdichev).
Haim run the cow-shed and was secretary and treasurer of the Moshav
Shpar family has 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

Shmuel Yanai "Samek"
Born as Shmuel Poznaski in Warsaw, Poland, 1921.
He came by himself at age 14 to Israel in 1935 as a student of the Technion.
He joined the Palmach in 1941 and was in the Naval Company since 1943. He was the commander of 2 "illegal" ships, "Haviva Reich" (June 1946) and "Henrietta Sold" (August 1946). From 1947 till the Israel Independence he served as commander of Palmach Navy.
He was commander of the first Israeli Navy Flotilla that was composed out of 4 "illegal" ships transferred to armed ships.
In 1956 during Kadesh Operation he captured the Egyptian destroyer "Ibrahim el Haol" that was turned into IDF ship "Haifa".
After leaving the Navy he fished in the Red Sea and built houses in Eilat.
Today he is writing his memories and organizes the old-guys meetings of the Veterans of Palmach Navy and Aliya Beth activists.
Father to 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

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